The Mosaic Ayvan

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The structure called “Mosaic Ayvan” is situated in the northeast of fire temple and mostly adjoining it. The plan consists of a porch (ayvan) with three openings that is made of stone and plaster molding, which is opened into the southeast and is connected to the building of fire temple through some corridors. The mid-span of the ayvan is square-shaped with a length of 14 meters on each side. Its lateral halls are about 5 meters long and about 11 and 13 meters wide. During the excavation of this building, evidence of using mosaics made of small cubic pieces of stone with various colors were found on the eastern, western and southern edges of the mid-span ayvan. The mosaics were used as decorative strips with a slight relief set next to the walls featuring motifs such as: noble ladies, royal women, dancers and musicians, individual portraits, as well as birds on tree branches. Generally, the mosaics identified in this building are of great importance in giving information about traditions of royal life particularly the dress code of women in the Sassanian period.