Among other relics identified within the royal citadel of Bishapur, at a distance of 150 m northeast of the fire temple are remains of a collapsed building with carved stones introduced by site excavators as the Valerian Palace. Its facade was made of stone blocks measuring 75 by 45 cm which were fastened together by iron clamps with the signatures of builders and workers still visible on them. The architectural style of the building is purely Sassanian and its entrance is defined by a spectacular gate. Inner walls of the building have been covered with patterned carved stones and its outer surface is coated with white plaster. All parts of the palace boast exquisite stuccoes and reliefs. Some of these numerous and diversified reliefs are exhibited at Bishapur Museum. According to Roman Girshman, the palace was constructed by Shapur I for Valerian the captive Roman emperor as a sign of chivalry.