Shapur’s Cave

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Entering into Tang-e Chogan and moving southeast opposite the direction of water flow, it can be seen that the valley becomes wider gradually. At a distance of 4 km into the valley, a cave is seen on the northern side housing a large statue of King Shapur I so it has been named after him. The cave is located at these geographical coordinates: the eastern longitude of 37 °, 51' and the northern latitude of 48° 29' with an altitude of about 1280 m above sea level. Today the cave can be reached by climbing 230 stone steps built at the site. The cave opening has a height of about 16 m and a width of around 30 m. The distance between the cave mouth and a deep cavity inside of it is approximately 65 m. Its posterior part is like a big corridor getting narrower, steeper and lower as it extends inwards. Remains of ancient walls made of uncut stones and sarooj (a mixture of lime, soft sand and ash) beneath the cave mouth show that in ancient times the cave was accessible via terraces put upon each other in a stepwise manner.

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