The third relief regarding the victory of Shapur I over the Roman emperors has been carved on the right side of the Shapur River and like the second relief (on the left bank of the river), the scenes of Shapur's victory over the Roman emperors are demostrated. This relief was carved on a nearly square and curved surface of the mountain, in which more than 100 people have been involved. The body of Shapur I is carved in the center of the scene, and the angel of victory grants him the special ribbon for kingdom. Between the legs of Shapur I’s horse, has fallen the dead body of Gordianos III, and in front of the horse, the other Roman emperor, Phillip the Arab is seen kneeling and begging for peace and tranquility. Riding a horse, Shapur has been depicted holding Valerian's hand as a captive. In front of Shapur and next to Philip the Arab, two people are standing. One of them has a long Iranian hat, and the other, dressed in the Roman style, presents the victory ring to the king. On the right hand side of the scene, Iranian commanders and soldiers have been presented in five lines. In front of them and on the left side of the scene, the Romans are seen also in five lines, offering gifts such as elephants, horses and utensils such as pans, cups, jars, bowls, flags as well as other objects even a warrior chariot. On top of these images, there are those who are probably bringing gold coins, silverware, crowns and two lions. In this scene, all of the 71 Iranian commanders are mounted. Unfortunately the long-lasting water flow over and next to some of the first rows of motifs from the bottom has gradually erased all the heads depicted in this row.